Protected From Spams

Every email is checked for spam, so your waitlist will be free from spam. Also, an option to block temp email signups

Verify user emails via mail

Make sure signed up user is interested in your product by sending an automated mail to verify their email address

Easy to integrate

Save countless engineering hours. Just a few clicks and you're ready to receive signups from your users

Validate email authenticity

Validate email authenticity to make sure your users are real. Get rid of fake emails, lower bounce rate, and increase your conversion rate

Customizable at every part

100% customizable form to match your website design. Take full control over the look and feel of your signup form

Notifications when you need

Make sure signed up user is interested in your product by sending an automated mail to verify their email address

Fast load time

Our script is lightweight, small, and optimized at only ~1.1KB. So, your users will see the form instantly

Customize success page

Modify what your users will see when they signup for the waitlist. Customize reward, social message, callback, emails message, and more

Export data

Take users data with you, export data in CSV or XLSX to invite them when your product is ready

Viral referral marketing

Enable viral gamification referrals to reward top users. Your users refer their friends to move up the position. Win-win for everyone

No code

No need to code, manage a database or handle servers. Easily integrate waitlist form in any cms, framework, or static sites

Know your users

Get insights on your waitlist. Powerful analytics to track users location, browser, platform, language, referral channels, and more

Search, sort, and filter users

Search and filter submission data across many points. Access data in real-time and easy manage the user list

Send email from your domain

Send emails from your own domain to increase trust, credibility, and and improve your email deliverability.

Advanced Blocker

Block users from signing up with specific email domains, temp mails, and patterns to avoid spam and fake signups

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Publish News

Maximize Exposure: Publish Press Releases and News to Amplify Your Reach and Influence Effectively. Get Noticed Today!

Publish Jobs

Effortlessly publish job openings and seamlessly onboard top talent to empower your team and drive success. Streamline recruitment today!

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